The real history of Aruba

Being passionate about history and my roots, I started working on a private book collection of Aruba. Everything I can find on Aruba will be added to this collection. It now consists of 20 odd books. The oldest being a couple decades old. These books spurred a dormant interest of mine which is my genealogy. The combination of these 2 activities opened the doors to the past of my birthplace, the island we call Aruba.

A lot of the history that I have been taught seems to be incorrect or incomplete. Culture is very important for Aruba, and I know we are struggling to determine ours and define our identity. By going through the history of Aruba and comparing stories, texts and other material, I can make some pretty safe assumptions and conclusions on what really happened. A lot of details surface, which help explain some of the things we now consider our roots, history and culture. My goal with this site is to increase the knowledge and understanding of what has made us what we are today.

As I go along, researching and learning, I will revisit the chapters from time to time and make updates.

Feel free to share any material you have, correct me if I am wrong (please always provide proof) and help me discover our Arubaroots.




The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

By combining my passions for history, adventure, discovery and honesty I invite you to join me into the “real” history of a small Island they call: ARUBA

The content of the following chapters are based on information I have gathered, and new information that I will consume such as history books, websites, Documentaries and anything I can get my hands on providing some sort of insight into what actually happened back then.

As I go along I might update the chapters with new found material. (so keep coming back)